Welcome to CEO Society

The playground for female entrepreneurs where women in business win together!

What is The CEO Society?

The CEO Society is the playground for Female Entrepreneurs.

The membership was built for women entrepreneurs. Girl CEO has created an environment for women to learn business, build massive success, win big and share victories TOGETHER! Not only does Girl CEO equip women to become the CEOs of their businesses, it also empowers women to become the Chief Executive Officers of their lives! There's levels to entrepreneurship...welcome to the top floor.

Why should I join?

Depending on the Girl CEO experience you choose, you can gain access to: 

• An active community! This is not another boring Facebook group, it's an interactive community that connects you with other members in your area. 

• LIVE online, monthly group coaching sessions/masterclasses where I give you all the game on how I built my 7-figure business and which steps you’ll need to take to grow the company of your dreams

• Q&A sessions where I reveal my “been-there-done-that” answers to all your burning questions about how to balance mommyhood with entrepreneurship, how to build your business on a profitable foundation, how to set achievable goals and so much more.

• The Profit Vault filled with failproof step-by-step strategies, frameworks, templates, and blueprints you can use to skyrocket your business success fast (all without cuddling up with Google every night)

• A supportive circle of Girl CEOs who will toss virtual confetti in to celebrate your wins, motivate you through missteps and deliver (loving) kicks in the behind to keep you focused  

• Exclusive offers and VIP invites to attend my live in-person events (which are some of the most valuable soirees you’ll ever participate in)

• Opportunities to market on the Girl CEO social media platform and immediately put your products and services in front of nearly 200,000 women who are ready, willing and waiting to invest in your business

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